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Trekking in India, Morocco & Spain: mountains, ocean & nature

VakanShe offers active trekking holidays in the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain, along the Camino dos Faros in Galicia in northwestern Spain, in the Indian Himalayas and along the Atlantic Coast in Morocco.


Morocco with its unusual mix of Berber tradition, Arab, French and African influences is an off the beaten track gem. It is close to Europe, easy to get to and yet provides you with a feeling of being a million miles away. The Atlantic coast trek offers a relaxed programme with plenty of time for swimming and enjoying the secluded sandy beaches unspoilt by tourism. This trek offers wild camping, away from tourists and you are unlikely to meet any other people. Click here for more information.


The dates for this trek in Morocco are:

15 - 22 September 2018


The 10-day trek through the untouched Indian Himalayas promises to be a beautiful journey. You will connect and discover nature but you will also experience authentic Indian Himalayan traditions, cultures, food, handicraft and the general way of living while connecting with the people of the Himalayas. Click here for more information.


The dates for this trek in India are:

3 - 12 November 2018


The National Park of the Sierra Nevada in Andalucía is the dramatic and absolutely stunning backdrop for the Sierra Nevada trek. It is a strenuous and challenging trek and covers 48km. The landscapes around you are gorgeous and the breathtaking views over Spain, the Mediterranean and Africa are truly special. Sitting on the top of the world, makes it worth the climb! Click here for more information.


The dates in 2018 for this mountain trek are:

11 - 15 July and 15 - 19 August


The Camino dos Faros is a century old 200-kilometer long historic pilgrims path along the edge of the ocean that links Malpica with Finisterre. This 8-day trek takes you along the rough but breathtaking coast of Galicia in Spain, a less walked Camino with stunning views, lighthouses and beaches. Close to nature, surrounded by its silence and its sounds. Click here for more information.


The dates for this trek are:

25 - 29 June (4-day mini version) and 19 - 28 October