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Women who travel

Katy Cox, a globetrotting chef, nutritionist and yoga teacher shares her travel stories. She sees herself as a professional nomad and while traveling she spreads awareness about Wellness and sprinkles a bit of magic wherever her travels take her.


What does traveling mean to you?

To me traveling is a mode of being, a way to move through life and adapt to changing circumstances. It is a way to expand my sense of self in different settings, scenarios and cultures. I have travelled since the age of 17 with a few years sabbatical during my mid 20’s and it feels like a natural process.


Why do you travel and what do search for when traveling?

I travel because it is in my blood, I travel because I have an insatiable thirst to know the planet. I travel for work and for fun but also for study, this has taken me to some amazing locations. What I seek most when I travel is nature immersion, finding wild spaces and beautiful scenery within walking distance of where I lay my head to sleep. I also love learning about new cultures and find travel a great living history lesson. My passion for food also sees me seek out ‘speciality dishes’ or particular growing regions. For example seeking out heritage cacao trees or finding where the mangoes will be in season. I recently took a long day trip to sample a special type of potato that is only grown in one valley in the Andes. 

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What is your favourite destination and why?

This is always a very difficult question to answer because I have a few favourites. If I have to choose just one it has to be New Zealand, those islands are truly fantastical! Fire and ice, forest and ocean, it has so many amazing delights to offer.


Have you ever experienced something extraordinary while traveling that you would like to share?

Again so much to draw from, the mind boggles: A friend and I were trekking in the up in the Himalaya years ago and we chose to spend a night in a small village and have a break from our tent. The house we were staying at was a family home, we were treated like royalty and I will never forget that generosity. We woke up at first light to the sound of bells and we thought it was the yaks being taken to pasture. When we stepped out onto the flat roof terrace we saw a procession of Saffron robed monks snaking up the valley. There must have been around 40 of them and they were all chanting and ringing bells. We later discovered that they had been walking for 3 days to reach the village as they had been informed that a Lama (an incarnation of an enlightened Buddhist Monk) had been born in the village and they had come to pay their respects. It was like witnessing something that was out of a past time, so simple yet powerful and deeply rooted in the culture and spirituality of that land.

Which country is according to you a ‘must go’ destination for women and why?

For women I would say Colombia, this is a country that is both sensual and feeds the senses. The feminine is celebrated and there is a lot of respect for women in comparison to other Latino countries. It is safe to travel around, has awesome dancing, amazing beaches and great homegrown female artists and clothing designers.


Do you have a bucket list and if you do what is on there?

Yes, of course and it never seems to shrink! I think I’ll keep it brief and list my top 5 in order of most coveted destination first:

Raja Ampat (Papua New Guinea), Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Hawaii and Kenya.


Do you have any tips you would like to share with other women who travel?

When traveling through a country for fun, I like to stay in hostels and get a private room or Air B&B place. That way I have the use of a kitchen and also get to meet other interesting people and solo women travelers.  Always learn at least a few words of the local language, this goes a long way to opening doors and getting a great reception from the locals. Talk to other travelers, share tips and information, ask questions and don’t be afraid to travel by public transport, that is often where the most genuine interactions with locals occur! Finally: Always pack an emergency bag with a spare toothbrush, bikini and change of undies just in case you arrive at a destination and your luggage does not! 



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