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About me

Not so long ago I was yearning for a break to get away from it all. I wanted to do something different, to explore new horizons. What I felt I needed was an adventure!


I decided to look for something unusual and out of the ordinary, but I didn't want to travel alone. So when I heard about an all-women trip to Spitsbergen, a tiny island in the Arctic Circle, I registered straight away.


The trip included husky sledging, spending nights in hunting lodges, staying on a sailing yacht that lay in the frozen seas and racing through snowstorms on snowmobiles. That all sounded like a wonderful challenge and lots of fun!


How could I know that besides the fun and adventure, this trip would introduce me to 10 amazing women? Each with their own story: some sad, some captivating, some fabulous. Each woman was an inspiration in her own way. And the fact that we were in the Arctic, away from everyone and everything created a real bond.


After this trip to the Arctic, I have been on a few more women only travels and they have all been unique and wonderful and I have met some fantastic women whom I became good friends with.


I set up VakanShe so that adventurous women can enjoy travelling with like-minded women and enjoy an active holiday in a relaxed and safe environment.


I hope one of the adventures on the website will catch your eye and I look forward to hearing from you!



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